LGBTQ+ Spotlight

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Gay Island Guide is Proud To Shine the LGBTQ+ Spotlight On Members of Our Local LGBT Hawaii Community and Individuals Connected to Our Gay Hawaii Community and Its Allies. 

Those Whose Stories May Be Shared Here in Our LGBTQ+ Spotlight May Be Anyone From Our Local Gay Hawaii Community With A Special Story, Story of Interest or Someone That May Have Contributed to Our Community Through Service or Volunteerism. The LGBTQ+ Spotlight May Also Be Someone Who Resides Outside of Hawaii Now But Has Some Type of Local Gay Hawaii Connection, Such As They May Have Lived Here in the Past. 

If You Know of Someone Who You Believe Has An Interesting Story or Should Be Featured in the LGBTQ+ Spotlight, Please Tell Us! Send Us an Email at or Complete Our Contact Form.

Spotlight: Meet Our LGBTQ+ Community